About Us

“Made in Italy in Georgia”  is the initiative organized by the Embassy of Italy in Tbilisi and ICE (ITA)–Italian Trade Agency under the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy ( www.ice.it).  The aim of the initiative is to further increase the awareness and support popularization of “Made in Italy” brands in Georgia.

Italy is renowned for being an exporter of culture, good food and style. As the Brand “Made in Italy” is not only associated with high quality of manufacturing, but also with the values such as taste, creativity, beauty and reliability. It lies at the heart of what is called “Vivere ALL’italiana”,  i.e. “Italian way of life”, which means popularizing Italian cuisine, fashion, art, design, cinema, science and technology and any other aspect of Italian reality. “Made in Italy” is all about combining the tradition and the innovation to offer the Brand, that reflects Italian elegance and ingenuity.

The first project under the initiative was implemented in June 2018 called “June-Month of Italy” which involved local importers and sellers of a wide range of consumer sectors:  Fashion & Clothing, Perfumes & Cosmetics, Optics & Accessories, Jewelry, Furniture & Decor, Household Appliances, Food & Drinks and much more. By joining the campaign, the companies handling Italian products were offering a variety of promotions and discounts during a certain period of June or throughout an entire month. All in all, the initiative was joined by 54 companies with more than 450 points of sales.