Italian shoes brand “Bata” was presented to the Georgian market by the “ICR Group” in 1993. “Bata” was established in 1894 in Italy and soon became one of the leading companies in the world among manufacturers and retailers of shoes. Today you will meet branches of the brand in 70 countries all over the world. “Bata’s” mission is offering style, comfort and quality for the best price. There are 13 shops of “Bata” located in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi.


  1. “East Point” Shopping centre, №2 Tvalchrelidze str., Tbilisi;
  2. №13 Vaja Pshavela ave., Tbilisi;
  3. Shopping centre  “City Mall Saburtalo” № Qavtaradze str., Tbilisi
  4. Shopping centre “Karvasla”, №7 Tsotne Dadiani str., Tbilisi
  5. Shopping centre “Tbilisi Mall”, D. Agmashenebeli alley 16th km, Tbilisi;
  6. Shopping centre “Galleria Tbilisi”, №2/4 Rustaveli ave., Tbilisi;
  7. Shopping centre “Merani”, №42 Rustaveli ave., Tbilisi;
  8. №144 D. Agmashenebeli alley, Tbilisi;
  9. Shopping centre  ‘City Mall Gldani”, №1 Khizabagvi str., Tbilisi;
  10. №15/26 Gamsakhurdia/Melashvili str., Batumi;
  11. Shopping centre ‘’Metro City’’, №1 Lekh da Maria Kachinski str., Batumi;
  12. Shopping Center Karvasla, №4/4a, Tsereteli Str, Kutaisi.


Italian company “CAM” was founded in 1969, as a result of brother Francos’ entrepreneurial initiative and talent. The success of the company is driven  by its motto: “Look at the world of the eyes of the child”- the place where dreams come true. The company has been operating in the Georgian market for several years now and has its niche here; It has attracted Georgian customers for its quality, comfort and safety.


Address: № 1 Kavtaradze  str., Shopping Center “City Mall”, Tbilisi



“OVS” is one of the leader Italian clothing brands. The first shop was opened in Padua 40 years ago. “OVS” presents  women’s men’s and children’s fashionable clothing, accessories, linen and shoes. It is focused on the ever-expanding quality of the update.



  1. 1 Kavtaradze str.,  Tbilisi;
  2. 10 Pekin Ave., Tbilisi;
  3. 12 Tsintsadze str., Tbilisi;
  4. 2/4 Rustaveli Ave., shopping center “Gallery”, Tbilisi;
  5. 42 Rustaveli Ave., shopping center “Merani”, Tbilisi;
  6. 2 Tvalchrelidze str., shopping centre “East Point”, Tbilisi;
  7. 22 Abuseridze str., Batumi;
  8. 1 Kachinski Ave., Batumi.



“Prénatal“ is an Italian premium brand opened in Milan back in 1963. Offering trusted service for over fifty years, “Prénatal“ is now the brand of choice for all the mums. The brand was opened in Tbilisi in 2012.  “Prénatal“ is oriented on future mums and «bespoke» clothes for newborns and children, but its products are of wider range and include other categories related to newborns.

Address: Shopping Centre “Axis”, №24 T Kezbegi ave. Tbilisi