“Megatechnica” is a retail chain of electronics stores successfully operating on Georgian market for 22 years. “Megatechnica” offers exclusively leading Italian home appliance brands like “Hoover” (Company: Candy Group Hoover) and “SanGiorgio”. “Hoovers” brand counts 100 years of successful history in Home Appliance products manufacturing. This Italian brand offers innovative products with modern design and supreme quality that will make your life much more comfortable and serve you many years.  “Hoover” Brand is represented in “Megatechnica” with a variety of product categories: washers and dryers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners for cars, steam cleaner mops, irons, steam-generator irons, built-in appliances and built-in microwave ovens. “SanGiorgio” is a leading Italian manufacturer of washing machines offering quality products with outstanding Italian design to the world for more than 40 years.


  1. № 70a, A. Kazbegi ave., Tbilisi,  in front of Goodwill;
  2. East Point Shopping Center, № 2, Tvalchrelidze Str. Tbilisi;
  3. Tbilisi Central Shopping Center – III Floor, Station Square № 2, Tbilisi;
  4. Megaline Shopping Center  № 15, Agladze, Street, Pavilion № 68, Tbilisi;
  5. Didube – 140, A. Tsereteli Avenue, Tbilisi;
  6. Gldani-Khizanishvili Street, between V and VI micro districts, Tbilisi;
  7.  №19, Shartava Str., Rustavi;
  8.  № 99, Rustaveli Str., Kutaisi;
  9. № 42, I. Chavchavadze Ave., Kutaisi
  10. №91, Gorgiladze Str. Batumi.

Colorificio Veneziano Georgia

The Company “Colorificio Veneziano“ was founded in 1970 in Venice, Italy.  Since then it is one of the leading Italian paint manufacturers in all over the Europe. The product of “Colorificio Veneziano” is distinguished by its resistance to moisture, hypoallergenic, being maximally customized with circumstances and 100% environmentally friendly. Paint  resists  any climate changes.  “Colorificio Venezino Georgia”, company`s official representation in Georgia presents different types of paint that produce wood, iron and stone (marble, traventine) effects. Used as well as for wall, ceiling and floor covering (even in bathroom, showers and pool).  “Colorificio Venezino Georgia`s” paints can create 3D effect, decorative lace, iron or any other imitation of wood, marble or travertine.  Any kind of design or painting may be fulfilled with its product.

Address:  №1 Karnasi, Mtskheta


History of “Franke” starts in 1911. “Franke Group” has 66 subsidiaries with around 9000 employees in 40 countries. “Franke” is  one of the world leading providers of products and solutions for residential kitchens and bathrooms, professional food service, coffee preparation. The Group consists of five businesses:

  • Franke Kitchen Systems – integrated systems for food preparation and cooking, including sinks, taps, worktops, hoods and cooking appliances;
  • Faber Hoods & Cooking Systems – expert for air treatment, cooker hoods and cooking technology;
  • Franke Foodservice Systems – kitchen equipment, supplies and a broad range of services for leading restaurant chains;
  • Franke Water Systems – integrated systems for private bathrooms and semi-/public washrooms, including taps, showers, sinks, accessories, water management systems;
  • Franke Coffee Systems – a comprehensive range of coffee machines for out of home coffee preparation, including superautomatics and traditional.

In Georgia “Franke” operates from 2004 as “Franke Caucasus Ltd”  in the sector of household kitchen appliances

Address:  №116 Tsereteli Ave., Tbilisi, Georgia



 The company “Tessuti” was founded in 2005 and is present in textile market as importer and retailer of Italian textile. “Tessuti” offers  its customers a wide range of Italian textile products of the following Italian brands: “Armani”, “Dolce&Gabbana”, “Roberto Cavalli”, “Chanel”, “Ferragamo” and others.


1) №3 Mitskevichi str., Tbilisi;

2) №167 Nucubidze str., Tbilisi.

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Europlant Georgia

 “EuroPlant Georgia” was established in 2007. The foundation of the organization was preceded by a lengthy preparatory period, during which the Georgian market was extensively researched, the company concept formulated and the field of service and main priorities stipulated in detail.

The goals and objectives of “EuroPlant Georgia” encompass gardening, landscape designs, decorative and functional vegetation, and generally everything and anything that has to do with putting together and improving a green environment. The company cooperates closely with famous European organizations  including Italian companies:  “Studio Bellesi – Giuntoli”,  “City Design”, “Nicoli” and “EWO”.

Address: №118, Tsereteli ave., Tbilisi, Expo Georgia


The company was founded 42 years ago in France. In Georgia “Bricorama`s” shop was opened in September  2016. The company is the importer and retailer of a variety of products of construction, gardening, decor etc. spheres offering a wide range of products of French and non-French brands. Some of its Italian brands are ”Zipponi”, ”Cluber”, ”Camp”…

Address: №8 Marshal Gelovani ave., Tbilisi