For four decades “L’erbolario” specialists have been creating cosmetics that is loved and appreciated. “L’erbolario” is currently represented in 42 countries worldwide, Georgia is among them, where the brand has been operating for more than two years now. “L’erbolario” combines nature and beauty and offers natural cosmetics for women,  men and children.


Address:   №34. Agmashenebeli Ave., Tbilisi


“Lutecia” is the perfumery trade network which is one of the largest companies engaged in perfumes and cosmetic business in Georgia. It has  the rights of exclusive distribution in the territory of Georgia of the following trademarks: Creed, Annick Goutal, Bond No.9, Casamorati, Parfums De MArly, Penhaligons, Sospiro and others . At present it has 11 shops in Georgia, out of which nine are located in Tbilisi and 2-in Batumi.


  1. №25 Pekini Ave. Tbilisi;
  2.  № 42 Chavchavadze Ave., Tbilisi;
  3. №19 Marjanishvili , Tbilisi;
  4. №2/4 Shota Rustaveli ave., “Galleria Tbilisi”;
  5. Kavtaradze Str. №1 (Goodwill), Tbilisi;
  6. №26 Vaja-Pshavela str., Tbilisi;
  7. №42, Rustaveli ave., shopping gallery, Tbilisi;
  8. №2 Tvalchrelidze str., (East Point Shopping centre), Tbilisi;
  9. №27 Khizanishvili str., Gldani ” City Mall”, Tbilisi;
  10. №23 Tavdadebuli str., Batumi;
  11. №1 Leh And Maria Kachinsky № 1 „Metro City Mall”, Batumi.


Natali group

The first beauty salon of the company was opened in 1995. For the time being ” Natali Group” includes the chain of Beauty Salons, aesthetic and laser medicine center, Anti age clinic, Community college “Natali Academy”, consulting group in Spa and Beauty SPA Concept, and Distribution Company represented on the local market with European high quality products. “Natali Group” is one of the leading companies in Beauty industry in Georgia.

Here you can meet following Italian brands: Framesi (Haircare), Thatso (Skincare), Clarissa (Nail Care),          Cineccitta (Make-up).

“Natali Group’s”  has totally new and innovative project “Natali Color Dry Bar”- Beauty and Comfort in one space, where you would meet the team of professionals trained by specially invited famous Italian Stylist Romano Peli. Romano often visits Color Dry Bar and will be happy to serve you.


  1. №41 Ir. Abashidzestreet, Tbilisi, Natali Color Dry Bar (beauty center);
  2. №67 M. Kostavastreet, Tbilisi, Natali Wellness Lab, (beauty center);
  3. №76 M. Kostavastreet, Tbilisi, Natali Anti Age Clinic, (aesthetic Clinic);
  4. №12 S. Tsintsadzestreet, Tbilisi, Spa Concept  (showroom).


“Aversi” was founded on the 14th of November 1994. Upon the initiative of the founder, the company was named with the Latin word that perfectly describes the company’s principle: non-stop and sustainable development –spiral development. For the time being “Aversi” pharmacy chain is present throughout total Georgia with its 238 pharmacies.

Address:  №148 Agmashenebeli ave., Tbilisi, central office ( for pharmacy list, please visit company`s web-site)


The Company “Style”  was founded in Tbilisi in 1995 and represents the distributor of many perfumery brands in Georgia. Company owns the chain of perfumery shops “Voulez-Vous”, that is presented by 10 perfumery shops, 8 of which are located in Tbilisi. Here one can buy perfumeries, make-up and skin care products of such famous Italian brands as “Armani”, “Versace”, “Gucci”, “Trussardi” etc.


  1. Marjanishvili str. №19, 0102, Tbilisi;
  2. Rustaveli ave., №46, 0108, Tbilisi;
  3. Chavchavadze ave., №42, 0179, Tbilisi;
  4. Pekini str. №27, 0160, Tbilisi;
  5. Vazha-Pshavela ave. №35, 0177, Tbilisi;
  6. Qavtaradze str. №1, 0186, Tbilisi;
  7. Pekini str. №17, 0194, Tbilisi;
  8. Gldani Mall (Khizanishvili str.), 0167, Tbilisi;
  9. Tsereteli str. №4, Kutaisi;
  10. Griboetovi str. № 8, Batumi.


Jungle Fever

Born with the goal of offering hairdressers technologically and commercially innovative products in 2015, “Jungle Fever™” has quickly risen to prominence in  Italian and international market. Specialized in hair care industry, the company has both wholesale and retail sales. Its brands include: “Jungle Fever”, “Mossa”, “Henna Theraphy” and “Scalp Theraphy”


  1. Nutsubidze str. №14B (head office), Tbilisi;
  2. Kavtaradze str. №1 (City Mall), Tbilisi;
  3. “Tbilisi Mall”, Agmashenebeli Alley 16 th Km;, Tbilisi.


Ici Paris

 “Ici Paris“  was founded in 1995. For the time being it owns  20 shops including  16 located in Tbilisi and the rest 4 in Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti and Rustavi.  The  perfumery chain apart of perfumeries offers a wide range of products of  skin care, cosmetics, hair  and nail cares. Its Italian brands include Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, D&G; Versace, Moschino, Prada, Valentino, Bvlgari, Armani, Trussardi, Missoni, Byblos, Unted Collors of Benetton and PUPA.


  1. №114 Agmashenebeli ave., Tbilisi;
  2.  №14 Khizanishvili str., Tbilisi;
  3. №19 Pekini str., Tbilisi;
  4. №11 Pekini str., Tbilisi;
  5. №50 Vaja Pshavela ave., Tbilisi;
  6. №20 Vaja Pshavela ave., Tbilisi;
  7.  №1 Parnavaz mepe ave., Tbilisi;
  8.  №69 Tsereteli ave., Tbilisi;
  9.  №7 Tsotne Dadiani str., Tbilisi;
  10.  №11 Chavchavadze ave., Tbilisi;
  11.  №44 Chavchavadze ave., Tbilisi;
  12. №14 Javakheti str.,Tbilisi;
  13.  №19 Marjanishvili  str., Tbilisi;
  14.  №1 Rustaveli ave., Tbilisi;
  15. №34 Rustaveli ave., Tbilisi;
  16. №51 Kote Apkhazi str.,Tbilisi;;
  17.  №3 Shartava str., Rustavi;
  18.  №7 Tamar Mepe str., Kutaisi;
  19.  № 48 Gorgiladze str., Batumi;
  20.  №12 Agmashenebeli str; Poti.