Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the list of the sectors and the companies shown under the main menu bar include all the sectors and companies handling “Made in Italy” in Georgia?
  • Not definitely,  just a big part of it. Under the Section “Sectors” one can view all the sectors and companies, that have participated  or are currently doing so in the  projects of “Made in Italy in Georgia”.


  • How often the projects related to the Initiative “Made in Italy in Georgia” are implemented?
  • The first project related to the initiative was a pilot project called ” June-Month of Italy”, implemented in June 2018, i.e. in the month when Italians celebrate the National Day. Currently, the second project “Extraordinary Italian Taste” related to the  Italian Cuisine Week in the World (November 19-25 this year) is underway; We hope the projects related to the initiative will become regular, which as well depends on the involvement of the consumer companies and consumers themselves.


  • How can we track the information on ongoing promotions under the campaigns?
  • It is simple-go to “Promotions” under the Main Menu Bar and you will see current promotions under ongoing campaign.


  • Is only Tbilisi covered by the projects?
  • Definitely not. The pilot project “June-Month of Italy” was launched from Tbilisi only but in the course of implementation expanded on other cities and towns as well, primarily-on Batumi, followed partially by Kutaisi, Telavi, Gori etc. The participation in the projects is open and welcomed for any interested company in any geography of Georgia handling “Made in Italy” and offering true Italian brands and values to Georgian consumers countrywide.