Calzedonia” is an Italian fashion brand, founded in Verona in 1986 with over 1800 shops worldwide. The recipe of success for “Calzedonia” brand is due to many reasons with the most important ones being the huge variety of trendy design collections and the competitive advantage of the price/quality ratio of the products. Consumers can find in  “Calzedonia”  chain stores socks (women, men, children), tights–leggings (women, children), swimsuit ( women, men, children) and beachwear. The collection is updated three times a year  in terms of colors and design that follows the current fashion trends.

“TEVRI” is the Georgian company, which acquired official franchise of “Calzedonia”. On December 6 in 2014 first store was opened in SC ,”Tbilisi <all”.  Later five shops were opened in Tbilisi  The company has  expanded recently at the beginning of June, adding the seventh new  shop  in Tbilisi.


  1. № 42 Chavchavadze ave., Tbilisi;
  2. “City Mall Saburtalo” № 1 Kavtaradze str., Tbilisi
  3. “CityMmall Gldani” № 1 Khizabavri str., Tbilisi;
  4. “East point” № 2 Tvalchrelidze str., Tbilisi;
  5. “Tbilisi Mall”-D.agmashenebeli ave.16-th km, Tbilisi;
  6. ,”Galleria Tbilisi”, Rustaveli № 2/4, Tbilisi;
  7. № 5 Pekini ave. Tbilisi.