“Camicissima” a retail brand of Fenicia Spa  is one of the leading Italian men’s shirting companies since 1931. With its reputation having been firmly established on both sides of the Atlantic, “Camicissima” began to actively expand in the developing markets. The company’s head offices are situated in New York and Shanghai; as a result of intense business negotiations and international agreements, “Camicissima” plans to open an additional 1,000 locations worldwide over the next five years.

“Tevri” is the newly established Georgian company  which has acquired official franchise of “Camicissima”. On April 12 2017, first kiosk type store was opened in shopping center “City Mall Saburtalo”. Later the same year the second store was opened in shopping center  “Galleria Tbilisi”. The brand offers Men`s fancy and classic apparel (shirts, trousers, ties, sweaters, pullovers) to the customers.


  1. “City Mall Saburtalo”, №1 P.Kavtaradze str., Tbilisi;
  2. ”Galleria Tbilisi” №2/4 Rustaveli Ave..