“TEVRI” is the Georgian company, which acquired official franchise of Italian brand “Intimissimi” and opened its first store  2015 in Tbilisi. Later two shops were followed again in Tbilisi at the following locations: Shopping Centre “City Mall Saburtalo” and “Merani Mall”. The recently opened forth stop located at №5 Pekini avenue is already offering its customers the combination of high-quality products and imagination manifested in innovative models.

“Intimissimi” as the company started in 1996 in Italy and since then has become one of the leaders underwear market in Europe. Nowadays “Intimissimi” is present in 40 countries around the world with more than 1400 stores.



  1. № 44 chavchavadze ave., Tbilisi;
  2. №1 Kavtaradze str., Tbilisi, “City Mall Saburtalo”;
  3. № 42 Rustaveli av.,Tbilisi, Shopping Centre “Merani”;
  4. № 5 Pekini ave., Tbilisi.